Thursday, 14 June 2012

Nasi Katok

First of all... What is 'Nasi Katok'? Nasi katok is fastfood that you can only found in BRUNEI DARUSSALAM.. history of Nasi katok begun about more than 10years ago which is early 2000, located Lambak Kiri (if i'm not mistaken, correct me if im wrong). We have to knock the door if wanna buy the Nasi Katok. Knock in malay languange stand for Katok, while rice stand for nasi. Then we named it Nasi katok (Knock rice). Nowadays, lots of restaurants or even peoples sell Nasi Katok from their houses. And most of it open for 24hours. Nasi Katok only contains rice, fried chicken & sause(bruneian called it SAMBAL). Sambal also has two option, which is spicy and regular.

Even now, Nasi Katok has many type cooking of the chicken, not only fried chicken. Even curry chicken, curry meat and so on. But only few of restaurant sell it. So we're bruneian dont have to worry if starve at midnight. We only buy and take back home. So that's my review of Nasi Katok :-)